Cirencester Calling

Morning everyone.

I’ve just bought my first Raspberry Pi (3), with a Digi+ from HifiBerry. Works straight out of the box they said. No need to understand Linux they said.

Not quite true, at least in my system. But I don’t think I’m that non-standard,

After initial setup problems, and far too many new variables, I tried Hifiberry’s test tone generator image. Did nothing. Now I hear from them that it doesn’t work with the Pi3. So as an early piece of diagnostics it could at least carry a clear message of what they believe it does and doesn’t work with!

Anyway, after a couple of evenings muddling around I have the Digi+ sending optical music to an amp, but the only sources I can get to work are internet radio, and a USB stick plugged into the Pi.

I can’t get the WiFi to work, and I can’t connect my NAS, despite both appearing to be supported by Volumio (1.55, as downloaded by HifiBerry’s own installer).

Do I need to upgrade to a newer Volumio, or try a different front end to Raspbian?

Any ideas welcomed!