CIFS / SAMBA sécurity.


I’m searching for a solution as my network share doesn’t mount on my beloved volumio devices.

I’m using a linux ClearOS server

My other linux, Mac, Android, Windows devices access the shares (and all of them access the mp3 share).

All my volumio are updated to the latest version as per today.

Aleas all Volumio doesn’t mount anymore :

At the console…
Nov 03 14:53:14 douche volumio[1089]: Wrong scontrol identifier:

On the IHM:
An error occured when adding a network drive
(112): Host is down Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page

–>> I pinged the Linux server from volumio console without problem. (sudo ping srv)

A clue might be cifs/samba version that requires some parameters to work since samba security has been upgraded…

I have to admit I can’t find a solution at now… your help is kindly requested.

If you’re using Linux, why not use NFS rather than CIFS … you can tie down the permissions to a single device if you really want to.

You might like to try specifying samba version in options if you want to stick with CIFS … eg. vers=1.0

Thanks for your quick answer, I don’t wan’t to use NFS only for volumio…

Can you give me some more info about “specifying samba version in options if you want to stick with CIFS … eg. vers=1.0” please ?

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Thank you so much SonosKiller, it works like a breeze !!!

Only 1.65TB to go… :smiley:

The support of the community is wonderfull, and Volumio is always improving, I remeber starting with the first release of the ancient name of volumio…

Once again thanks SonosKiller.

Edit: few hours later…

But, you noticed that a simple x3 letters word can mess with your hapiness… :neutral_face: , the share is mounted, I started the update but nothing visible,…

The scan doesn’t work. (few hours later)
I can browse from main screen, then choose NAS, I can see my share… but no directory bellow nor mp3 file…
(I’m listening to some mp3 from that share on my PC using same credentials)

I guess there’s something to add with “Options” more to “vers=1.0”

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On the console I tried to browse the mount :

volumio@chambre:~$ cd /mnt/NAS/mp3
-bash: cd: /mnt/NAS/mp3: Permission denied

with sudo it works better :

volumio@chambre:/mnt/NAS$ sudo ls -la mp3 total 346368 drwxrwxr-x 18 351 63000 0 Oct 3 2017 - drwxrwx--- 38 988 63000 0 Jan 7 2018 . drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Nov 4 06:27 .. drwxrwxr-x 4 2000 63000 0 Jan 7 2018 01-mirwais-disco_science.flac drwxrwxr-x 4 351 63000 0 Mar 10 2017 0Play ......................

I don’t understand why the scan doesn’t work… :neutral_face: