Ciao! from Montpellier, France by a Dutch chap

Hi Folks,

Just joining the party now.
Fired up the system for the 1st time today, and so far I really, really love it.
Great work you do folks!!

Kinda like to buy things 2nd hand, so got myself a Pi3, Audiophonics soundcard from (to void trouble I bought the uSD card new though)
All works like a breeze out of the (many) box(es)

Hooked it up to my 30 year old Sony amp. Amazing how that old think still works like a charm. This is it: Its overheating when I pump up the volume seriously so need to sort that out, any suggestions are welcome.

Bought some 2nd hand, but new from last June loudspeakers as well. My old B&W DM570 got blown-up by a phone to RCA connection during a prty, shit happens! :slight_smile:
Actually thankfull for it now (more than 2 years without decent music/sound in the house) as I found these B&W 683 S2 for a REAL nice price :slight_smile:

Started to convert my CD’s into FLAC as well, so am wondering if there are any experiences with a Rasp Pi as a NAS to serve the files.

Anyway, let’s continue this party!! :slight_smile:


welcome Oscar !
feel free to ask and answer question here !

Je vais à Montpellier de temps en temps… :wink:

Welcome on board Oscar, we share that bargain hunting hobby :wink: As for your question, I have no experience with a Pi serving files, but it should be powerful enough I reckon.

Anyways, others might have tried it, I trust someone will answer this question.