Ciao a tutti! Hi to everybody!

Hi to all!
My name is Marco, I’m Italian but I’m writing from Germany.
First I wish to thank the VOLUMIO team, they are doing an excellent job!

I’m a mechatronic engineer, with a big passion for music, automotive and hi-tech.

I have several experience in DIY that include:

  • Arduino programming
  • Raspberry use
  • UDOO (just got my first one)
  • Electronic pcb basic design and fabrication
  • Audio PA and Hi-Fi knowledge

As many of you, I’m totally impressed about the quality of the sound that VOLUMIO can get from a 35 € device!
I’m running VOLUMIO on a Raspberry PI2, and I’m waiting my new DAC for a better sound and less noise.
I have already another Raspberry running OPENELEC (in livingroom), that in the same network share the music files with VOLUMIO (in another “music” room).

Pleased to be here.


Ciao Marco :slight_smile: