Choosing the right DAC

First of all; today I learned what DAC stands for. So now you know my level of expertise…

I have searched the forum and the volumio shop for a DAC, but they all say; great sound quality!.
And I really can’t find out which one is the best for me…

Is there a newbie topic with a checklist somewhere I could fill-in?

For example I am now doubting between these:

HiFiBerry DAC+ light
HiFiBerry DAC - RCA+
Allo Piano 1.1 Hi-Fi DAC
HiFiBerry DAC RCA+ Pro

And I have no idea why I should take one and not the other (apart from that the Allo has a cooler color :wink: )

Thank you already for some help and tips as to what I should be paying attention to when choosing a DAC

Just found the DACBerry ONE for Raspberry Pi A+/B+ – 2B – 3B.
It looks great and I wish I could just order it and be happy :slight_smile:

I have a Marantz PM4000 AMP with Dynalab speakers
Music files that I will be using are mostly 192KBS encoded MP3s
So far I am using the internal mini-jack port of the RPi2

First, there is no such thing as the right DAC. But there could be a good fitting one given your personal preferences and at the end it comes down to what you find the most plesant to year ears (and wallet).

If you can afford it, go look at DAC boards that have their own clock sources (crystals) and see if they can be powered externally as a good power source plays an important role as well.

The ones in the Volumio shop are there because of there good performance and work with Volumio.

But any DAC board will be a major step up from the internal audio jack anyway :slight_smile:

Just try and listen. There are many steps after this to improve further if you would feel the need to.

Let us know your choice and experience…

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Yeah I was afraid of this, probably right, answer…

I now ordered the DACBerry ONE with a nice case…

I hope this will serve me just fine :wink:

But of course there is no way for me to test out a few… that is a little to time consuming…

I was hoping there would be a list with some general guidance, like:
Are you going to listen mainly to MP3 on a sub €200,- Amp, then look at these DACS:
Did you just spend €3000,- on some amazing HiFi equipment, then these DACS are worth considering:

I mean… there must be some difference between those DACS that are €29,- and the DACS that are €300,- :slight_smile:

Even if a difference exists between a 29€ and a 300€ DAC, the difference of price is not always similar to quality difference… And in a system, all the chain must be considered. A Dac is just a part. If you by a 4000€ DAC and use it with small cheap amp / loudspeakers you spent your money for nothing. Just keep the system coherent, choosing good elements, not necessary expensive, and you’ll be a happy volumier ! :smiley: