Choosing my device for Volumio

Hello everyone ! This is my first post on the forum and I hope I am in the good section. Also I apologize for my bad English.

I am requesting your help to choose which device I should get for my needs. I want to use Volumio to get my music from a NAS and bring it to my external USB DAC (NwAvGuy ODAC). I have high-re files so I understood that the raspberry pi B+ and the beaglebone black are not advised.

So I looked CuBox-i, Cubietruck, and Udoo solutions and here is what I found.

Dual-Core :
_ Cubox i2 with wifi ($90)
_ Cubox i2ex with wifi ($110)
_ Cubietruck ($90)

Quad-Core :
_ Cubox i4pro ($140)
_ Udoo+power supply+case (100€ + 6€ + ??)

Is there any reasons to choose one more than another in the Dual-Cores ? (processing power, connectivity, stability, volumio bugs…)
Same question for the two Quad-core ?
And is there a real benefit to use a powerful quad-core device than a dual-core ? I mean is there functionality of Volumio which really benefit of a more powerful CPU ?

Last question : I also want to have the sound from my desktop computer being stream to my DAC by the Device+Volumio. Is that possible ?

Thank you very much in advance !


All of this is possible via a Dual core system. But for your requirements (and your DAC, which I have) you can still go with PI or beaglebone…
I would look into a dual core solution with integrated wi-fi…
Also, the cubietruck could be a good option for you…
Look at the devices page, there’s a minimal pros and cons and suggestion which may help you through your choice…

Thank you very much for your answer.
I will let you know my choice in a near future :wink: