Choice of amplifier and speaker for old radio project

Hi all

I have a small old radio which I’m making into a volumio streamer. Id like to be able to listen to music in at least okayish quality (I’m no audiophile but it would be nice if it sounded at least ok)

What recommendations do people have for amp and speaker component combinations?

The digiamp plus is well reviewed but I wasn’t sure if 20w was overkill and I’d just be likely to blow any speaker I connect to it.

But then the other option I was considering - the hifi berry miniamp only has 3w output and all the speakers I can find at that power rating look like they are more for voice than music.

I’m not that knowledgable about audio so treat me like a beginner!

The provisos I have are that

  • the amp works easily with volumio
  • it is a HAT or shim
  • the speaker needs to be a component that I can screw into the radio. Alternatively I could use the speaker that’s in there - although it seems to be 32ohm which is an odd rating, I know.