Chinese Amanero cloned, continuous static caused by sampling rate change problems

As my old Amanero USB card support only DoP in Volumio, I decided to buy new one that supports Raspberry Pi Native DSD from Taobao. O1CN012UaIgp29pdV5WtbiO_!!43718117.jpg_400x400|400x267

The board support Native DSD as advertised but there are some major problems with it. During playing if the next song change sampling rate, sometime it only play static. It’s happened randomly. Sometime it could resolved by tap to replay the same song again. Most of the time it happened when switch between sampling rate that divided by 44.1KHz and 48KHz ( Ex., 44.1,88.2,176.4,352.8, DSD <-> 48, 96, 192, 384)

However, when I test the new USB card with Mac Mini, it’s working fine. And the old Amanero card is also working fine with Volumio.

Is it compatibility issue? Anyway to resolve?

Simple: buy the original Amanero, to support his work and get a properly tested and developed piece of tech.