China OLED 5,5inch 1080x1920 witch solved rotation screen and vc4-kms-v3d

Volumio 3 and latest touch plugin.

I will describe step by step how to force this cheap crap to be displayed in landscape mode and driver vc4-kms-v3d on volumio3-raspbery 4B.

step one install touch plugin

step two open ssh and modify line witch gpu memory to 128:

        sudo nano /boot/config.txt


step 3 modify userconfig:

        sudo nano /boot/userconfig.txt

               hdmi_timings=1080 1 100 40 90 1920 1 8 2 4 0 0 0 60 0 152000000 3

step 4 reboot

step 5, update and upgrade all:

 sudo apt update

 sudo apt full-upgrade

step 6 reboot

step 7 modify openbox autostart

      sudo nano /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart

add this line:

      DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate right

step 8 reboot and join

DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate right
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate left
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate inverted
To reset rotation back to normal, use the command:
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate normal

I’m new, maybe I put the post wrong, but it will help many users, in rotating the image with this driver, please be understanding…

this is not recommended at all with Volumio, it might break the system

Darmur you are probably right, of course you can skip step 5, if this is the last version of volumio released 2023.03.30, with older versions strange things happen with this display, it is possible that it is about the kms driver.


I have such a display working by default. No entries in config.txt about the driver vc4-kms-v3d

You have a completely different HDMI to MIPI converter, can you post a photo?

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this is not a full 1920x1080 image
what is that black frame in your photo?

The parameters of the frame size are specified in the file userconfig.txt .

disable_overscan=1—without frame

the frame size is 40 pixels (for example)

cool !. I thought it was hardware generated, thanks a lot :slight_smile: I’m going to buy it :smiley:

I recommend buying a safety glass.

if you like, the lcd is a touch panel, I turned it off completely, volumio can be controlled by the phone, or add an IR Remote, it is not nice when felt with fingers :smiley: I pasted it with liquid bitumen, on 2mm aluminum, because it is slightly transparent, now black is black :wink:

gluing it on aluminum has an additional positive effect, without it the LCD was getting warm, now this effect has disappeared, I think it will extend its life many times over.

on your photo there is still a foil on the display, when you take it off you will stop wanting to touch the display the picture is perfect :wink:

it’s like touching the disc of a traditional hard drive, we’ll never clean it :smiley:

Regards :slight_smile: