checkboxes for displayed tag-information in UI

Hi folks,
what about adding checkboxes in the "settings"section to choose which information are displayed in the interface while playing a song.
It would be nice for me to see the “year” and perhaps the “genre” and some peoples might like informations about the bitrate or even “comments” or “composers” … ?
A little more “customization” for the interface.

Thanks, and stay save!

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I would also like the ability to customise the display of information available in the interface.

I agree:


Interesting suggestion! Where would you like this info to be shown? Below the title?

… the year would be nice just behind the albumtitle, or behind the artist: have a look at the display and see in which decade the title was produced.
genre (and perhaps comments) in the next line? left of the bitrate?

if you access to roon you can see how they do it, it can be superimposed on the ablum art or under the name of the song /album

This feature if implemented would be wonderful.

There’s so much more information on the tags that everyone loves to be displayed like…

  • Year
  • Label/Copyright/Publisher
  • Lyricist
  • Multiple embedded album covers
  • and so on…

I think the previous speaker’s proposal is good.
It looks new when an album from the collection or e.g. is chosen in Qobuz. I really like this view of the tracks. (see image)
Maybe the queue can look like this to begin with.