cheapo Audiophonics DAC Sabre ES9023 on ebay


New here and looking forward to finishing my first build. I want to have a ES9023 dac and found this

Does anyone have experience with these boards? Do they come with oscillators? If not, can you recommend an inexpensive but decent oscillator to go with it? Thanks!

I’ve got this board. It runs out of the box by selecting hifiberry driver. No need external oscillator. It sounds good for the price ! :smiley:
But no hardware volume control.

Thank you sir! That is exactly the kind of info I am looking for! I am gonna try it out as it only costs about the same as two burgers.

One more question for you sir, I see it needs to be wired to the RPi, does the board come with wiring diagram?

No diagram at the time I bought it. But easy to find. Have a look at Audiophonics site. I’m not at home, but tomorrow I’ll have a look if you still haven’t found…

One reviewer on ebay seems to like this board a lot. I am attaching the review for anyone interested:

Interesting review @cohomology! BTW, quite cryptic…
I have some soltering/electronic experience (basic example, I’m gonna solder the DAC pins on RPi, since have the old model without P5 header). I know what the SMD DAC is, and I suppose the XO is the oscillator. But the hint to solder a capacitor directly “onto” the components sounds a little vague to me…
Power filter? (capacitor between VCC and GND)
Output filter? (OUT R/L to GND?)
Something else?

Can someone guess the right pins?
I mean, we have been warned enough in the message… Shame on me if I fry something.