Cheapest way of getting coaxial out?

I’ve got an amp with an inbuilt DAC so I’d like to get the audio from my Pi out via coaxial and into that DAC.

What’s the cheapest way of doing this? I know there are a few that do it (Hifiberry, Wolfson) but they have inbuilt DACs as well so they contain more than I need. Kind of hoping there is something simpler and therefore cheaper to do what I need.

Hi LeChuck

I use one of these … 2c7e461bad

Works just fine to output coaxial S/PDIF to my external DAC.

while that certainly is cheap, I am thinking of using the Wolfson DAC card for the same. While it is $35, I can get a case that fits both and just seems like a neater solution.

And then of course there are plenty of options as well: … to%20spdif

Hifiberry Digi.

Not cheap but is an I2S-to-SPDIF converter thus avoiding USB. Doesn’t have a DAC so you won’t be spending on superfluous circuitry. Probably better sounding than the USB-to-SPDIF converters…

I can second the vote for Hifiberry Digi - it works perfectly.

+1 for the Wolfson, worked and sounded great too :open_mouth:

I have to admit I haven’t tried the HiFiberry yet so can’t vouch for that one yet. :cry:

At these prices get one of each and see what you prefer :laughing: