cheap usb remote control from ebay

Hello everyone

As a volumio user (x86 version with an old netbook eeepc1000h) i used to control the volumio from my smartphone but some time it is not verry convinient (for eg when a no smartphone user listens)

i saw many threads about contolling volumio from rpi pins but i like yousing my eeepc cause it has not got usb and ethernet at the same chip (or i think so)

so i came up with the idea of buying an mpd ir remote control till i saw this on ebay

but want to ask some questions

it refers that its competable with linux and i know that volumio is a linux kernel based os os is this thing plug and play with volumio ?
if not can i make it compatible with some easy code maybe ?
and last but not least does it affects bad my sound quality (cause its 2.4Ghz)? does the system sound better with an ir remote ?
has anyone bought it ?

thanks in advance
Vasilios from greece

no one ?? help me pleaseā€¦

Thank you

sorry, I have never tried using an ir remote with an x86 setup.
It is difficult to say, it is unbranded, does not say anything about drivers or firmware. The only thing you can do as a start is to stick it into the pc and check with dmesg if anything is happening (recognized?, driver & firmware loading?).
Other than that there is nothing I can do to help you.

thank you verry much my friend!!