Changing WIFI network

Hi, completely new here, didn’t find an answer to my question when searching the boards

Once Volumio is all set and working it needs my device to be on the same network, i am using the android app in my case. Does it mean I have to set Volumio with a fresh copy to raspberry if I move to another wifi network? I hope this is clear…

Thank you

It is quite possible to set Volumio up to run on different networks depending on which is available. What I don’t know is how well this works with the GUI settings, because I have never tried it. Try adding a network manually (in the GUI) or when the device is in range of the new network, and test if it works. If not then you can always edit the ‘/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf’ file directly. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Don’t do it manually, just connect from a new network from the UI.
The last network added will have higher priority than the older ones

So how would raspberry know it should connect to a different network this time?

You need to have details for both networks in your network settings. The RPi will find one of the networks depending on where you are, and log onto it.

Which one is the conf file for that?

The easiest way is to do it from the UI network settings … when you get to the location of the second network, simply join the new network.

But how would the raspberry pi get the new network name and password? I want to understand :slight_smile:)

The RPi scans for local networks and gives you a list in the UI … you can then connect to any you like by entering the password.

Isn’t it this the initial behavior when I start it for the first time and connect to network volumio and then I set my WiFi and that’s it. But when I move to another place and my WiFi isn’t available and volumio network won’t be probably available this time too since it was set already, how would I get rpi to connect to Ui so that it tells it what network to use. I got confused :slight_smile:

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If it can’t find a network that it can log onto then it should start the hotspot (unless you have it turned off) … yes, it is like the first time run in the original location.

Great! Thanks

I have the same problem. If I want to connect to a different Wifi, how do I do that without flashing the SD card with a new OS again? The Volumio hotspot doesn’t show up unless the OS was just installed.
I can’t do it on the UI because the Wifi I was connected to when I setup my Volumio is not in reach.

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Enable Hotspot Fallback in the network settings on the UI. If the known WiFi is lost it will automatically create a hotspot. (haven’t personally testing this works but its what the info tab says)

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I had the same problem as Heiss. I needed to connect to a new wi-fi network after moving houses. Luckly, I have one of those travel routers, the GL-iNet Mango. I setup the new wi-fi network in the travel router. Then, I wired connected the travel router to the Raspberry Pi with the Volumio SD card in it. Then connected my laptop to the travel router wi-fi network and then I was able to connect to Volumio. In Volumio, I then went to Network settings, in wireless connections, selected my new home wi-fi network, input the password and saved. Restarted Volumio. Unpluged the wired travel router from the Raspberry Pi. Changed my laptop to the home wi-fi and was able to successfullly connect to Volumio.

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