Changing tracks has strange behavior/doesn't work

Current version of Volumio on a Rpi 3b+. I managed to configure Volumio to respond to a wireless connection from my PC browser. I ripper 4-5 albums in different 3 different genres
using dbpoweramp ripper in FLAC format and stored them on a usb stick.
Volumio sees the USB stick and correctly identifies/categorizes and displays the genres/album titles/artist/and tracks.

I can select an album, click on the first track, and it plays to the end of the track they stops - I assume it should continue to the next track? Why not?

Secondly, While playing the first track and I click on the next track >| one of the following happens:
sometimes jumps to the beginning of the current track and then re- plays it
sometimes advances to next track and plays it from the beginning,
sometimes skips to the previous track and starts playing from the beginning.
sometimes skips to the next track and successive clicking on ‘next track’ will advance to next track, up to a maximum of three tracks, then will bounce back to the first track.

Very strange behavior. Are there some settings buried within the music player (MPD?) that controls this behavior that should be changed? Perhaps I have the wrong use scenario/expectations?
Thanks for some help…

When you click on a track it (the track) is sent to the playlist & only that track will be played. If you want to play the album, then click play above the top of the track listings.

Thank you! cockpit error on my part…was not obvious to me.