Changing the Volumio logo in the webUI and more...

Qobuz and Tidal services are enabled with a subscription.

Please verify, that when using this customization for a, let’s say, popular bar, that you do not violate any laws.
In that case it may not be “private use” anymore…

do you where i can find the notification when you change song for example to modify it? thanks

It’s called toast, or toast-success
If you’d like to change it’s colour, look at the rgba-code (because of transparancy) in the app-stylesheet file.

something like:



yeah to be honest i found it and i made it also blue. thanks

I looked at that, but it was rather pointless because it’s only for me :smile_cat: but if I ever I want to go “mainstream” I would have to look at that option.

This is pretty useful! thank you, going to start my build soon, looking forward to the personal customization :smiley:

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Thank you Ian! :smiley:

@Thursty24 what do you want to change?
bit of skinning? you could use peppy if that’s to hard to get running we are still working on a simple to install version

peppy :

without peppy:

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@dvo I just looked at the project now, I think it looks fantastic!

Hey guys, so I downloaded the UI files from Github which was posted by Volumio themselves, I have done the logo replacements, but the one struggle I’m having is to find where to change the UI colours, as I’m doing the UI to match my colour scheme at home, as @Nico suggested, I tried to locate /volumio/http/www/styles/, but have not been successful, is there anyway I can get to this?

in the UI of
you can set some prefixed colors… instructions in the zip :slight_smile: have fun
soon there will update.

beware that if you alter files by hand you can’t update volumio any more…

Hey Guys, so my Personal Music streamer project is taking off quite nicely! so thank you to everyone for all the assistance.

The only thing I’m stuck with is changing the boot logo, Help please :grin:

the problem is if you mess with that you could not update any more for shure…

Hi dvo, Right now I’m in the experimental stages, so I’m okay with things going wrong, I’ve been trying for years to try this build, so now I want to see for myself what can be done and what shouldn’t be touched, since I still have to build the case, I got time to get through my experiments.

if you want to level up you could try peppy then you could add vu meters but i would wait till 2ACD has his new installer ready …

I was looking at that as well, I love the look

they are buzy to get it in a better installer and you can get lost and stuck with it so be carefull.

Okay so is there anyway for me to get notified when the new installer is ready?

i can give you a update if it’s ready but it’s still in the making after the holidays he will start working on it again
but he got al of work to do reworking it to the new installer but i will keep you posted.