Changing plan levels

I now have three devices running Volumio. One pi4 and two pi3’s. They are all sharing a common library attached to the pi4. To my knowledge only the pi4 is on the My Volumio Virtuoso plan. I can still see the other two, select program source and music, set alarms and sleep times. Will there be changes to that UI by upgrading to Superstar?
I know there is the music discover credits feature.

So far the only negative I’ve experienced has been the “persistent playlist” problem. I’d like to be able to delete playlists and have them stay gone. Likewise songs on playlists. Or renaming playlists. I understand that is somewhere in the development track. So that’s good.

In a response to a previous post I saw a recommendation that a Virtuoso user cancel their plan and create a new plan at the Superstar level rather than upgrading the existing plan. Is that still the recommendation? One rationale was that doing so would lose the old problem playlists along with the original plan and the user could start over. Did I understand that correctly? I don’t mind losing the playlists I have, in fact that would be a good thing.

I’m prepared to move to the Superstar level, just need to clarify how best to do it and make sure my expectations are valid.


Hi sharberger,

all of my devices show as being connected to Superstar … if I add another one temporarily, then this too indicates Superstar. The devices also appear at ‘’.

The ability to remove playlists is to be implemented at some point (as you say), and is imho an important function. However, development time is limited, and there are obviously priorities.

I vaguely remember reading the post about cancelling Virtuoso and creating a new Superstar plan, but I can’t find it just at the moment. As long as you are not “out of pocket” by taking this upgrade route, then this seems to be a good temporary fix for your unwanted playlists.

I also think I read in another thread of yours about you not being bothered about playing synched music in different rooms, and a followup post said that this was provided by Superstar. Multiroom synching is currently being implemented, and has not been released yet.

Thanks chsims1.

My devices show at “” but the two newer units are not enabled. I can enable them once I upgrade.

You have a good memory- I did say multiroom sync is not a high priority. I did a little test with all three simultaneously playing the same web radio station. There was one spot where if I stopped, I could hear they were not synced. If I was just passing through normally, I doubt I would notice for most material.

Looks like I’ll do the cancel and replace at some point. I will be out of pocket as I payed for the year but I’ll consider the difference to be a further contribution to support development at Volumio. While my experience hasn’t been seamless plug and play it has been quite smooth and I appreciate the support you and others in this community have provided. There is a lot of good work going on here.

I would not suggest to cancel your account and do a new one. By doing that you will not be pro-rated and you’ll end up paying more than what you should.

Regarding your issue with playlists not deleted, I am fixing it now as we speak.
So, once the new release will be out (hopefully this weekend) you will be able to upgrade to superstar and get rid of the playlists you don’t want anymore…

Thanks for the reply. That is helpful and great news regarding playlists.
I’ll wait for the new release and upgrade then.

Should I update all three to 2.802 before upgrading to Superstar, or can I have a mix of versions in a multiroom system? (no need to be synchronous)

I’m a little hesitant to change the pi3’s to 2.802 until it is officially good to go.

If they all need to be the same I can wait on the upgrade