Changing Layout


i was not here for a long time, because my volumio was working perfectly.

Now, i got a new Touchscreen and already installed X86 version on it. Everything is working perfectly.

i have just some problems with scrolling. the bar on the right side is too small, to use it with this touch. Is there any way, to adjust the size of the bar?
or a way to resize the screen?

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Ok, got it for myself.
if anybody is interested:

there is an entry called


change the width value to any size you want (i took 45px)


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This has been quite useful, and now that my scrollbar on my 7" touchscreen is 45pixels wide, and usable (it really should be the default!) I find another problem:

As soon as I stop actively scrolling the scrollbar returns to the top of the list. If I scroll down through the artists list to somewhere in the Ms, then lift my thumb to touch on the artists to scroll through them, then the scrollbar returns to the start of the list as soon as I lift my thumb off the screen. Similarly, if I don’t lift my thumb off the screen but just stop moving it, the scrollbar bounces back to the start.

The only way to use the scrollbar to advance through the list is to scrolldown, then swipe left into th list of artists’ names (which has a high likelihood of selecting an artist that I didn’t want to select but was vaguely close to where I wanted to go.

The touchscreen is still basically useless to select artists from a reasonably large list…

Is there another variable in that app-XXXX.css that will stop this “bounce to the top of the list” behaviour?