Changing IP address and save - not working

This is associated with the 10-18-2019 release.

I don’t think the Save for changing a static ip is working. It doesn’t appear that it ever makes it to the volumio_data /dyn/etc area properly.
It will appear to work, until there is a reboot.
In fact, on usually it will either go back to the old IP address, or not even have an ip address entry for eth0.

I gave up on it at this point, and went with dynamic ip addresses, but would prefer static.



I’ve the same problem.
In my case it’s worst since neither DHCP neither static IP address works.
After reboot or shutdown everytime I need to connect lan cable to access volumio.
Then magically the wifi too works and can disconnect the cable.
I assigned in the router table a static address to the mac address of the rpi3 but it’s useless.

Because I’m setting up 5 separate Volumio instances, I have been needing to fix this problem.

The current ‘save’ of the static ip address on the Network tab, writes to the /etc/network/interface file. It populates it with a ‘manual’ value, erasing the previous ip address that might have been here (for eth0).

The ‘save’ function needs to write the actual ip address as well for the system to work correctly. Here is an example, where I’ve saved on the ‘Save’ the ip address of, but it’s not being saved to the ‘interface’ file. The save function needs to save something like this:

        auto eth0                           #not sure this is needed, but it works!
        eth0 inet static                  #instead of the current save's 'manual'
        address    #the ip address entered on the Network page

If it can be useful to someone finally I discovered I had to disable the 5ghz network in the router.