Changing Hostname & URL 'Volumio' Entry

Just throwing this out there. Tinkering with settings, and I’m struggling to change the hostname and have that reflected when viewing the location via Windows Explorer, Network, and also via the URL bar. ‘Volumio’ is still displayed as the hostname via Angry IP, for example, despite the system name and etc/hostname files being changed.

Following all Pi guidance and changing the hostname in the usual way still doesn’t yield the right result. How do we get this to stick? Unsure if it is a bug, just that we are locked out of making these quite fundamental changes. Anyone having the same issues or can help on this one?

If you change the name to yourname, then volumio will be accessible to yourname.local

Yeah, I think we were overcomplicating matters somewhat.

Should that be reflected via Windows Explorer, Network entries, as the hostname is still ‘Volumio’ via Angry IP.


This will require a bit of time for us to implement, but we’ll change also the network folders name.
A new release with hostname fix (its a dhcpcd issue) is about to be released