Changed WiFI SSID &PW Updated Volumio to new AP. No Connect

Is there a way I can update WiFi AP and PW from the console (Command line) of Volumio?

I experienced an attack on my AP and urgently had to change SSID and PW.

Then tried to catch up all connected home automation stuff.

Temporarily created an AP on my mobile phone to access Volumio and connected to the new AP - I thought!! but after reboot, Volumio plays happily the songs on the Micro SD card but I cannot connect to the web interface. :frowning:

So I can log onto Volumio by connecting a keyboard to the RPi, but I do not know which file to update to access my new SSID.

Please help, as I do not want to rebuild the Volumio. Everything was running really smooth.

Thanks in advance

Connect it to the Ethernet and start again.
Then you can find on the Internet router in the DHCP doe IP address that Volumio currently uses.
With this IP address access to the web interface is possible as usual to adapt the configuration (Wifi).
Or you use the Volumio app on your smartphone, it finds Volumio automatically - assuming Volumio is on Ethernet.


Thanks for your reply rost21A.

–> Connect it to the Ethernet and start again | That was the first thing I did but no go.

–> find on the IP address on DHCP server | No gi : IFCONFIG reports no IP address. I think I must have disabled eth0

–> connect with smartphone | That was the second thing I tried just to crank down the volume, but it did not work.

So I only have two options left:

  1. Update the network credentials using the keyboard connected to the RPi and viewing on the connected screen. (Maybe some techie would know how and is willing to help me)
  2. Burn a micro-SD after downloading another image. :frowning: