Change location playlist due change of HDdrive


I changed my USB external harddisk drive and now my platlist doesn’t find any songs anymore. How can i change the path of the playlist (location). The subfolders didn’t change, only the name of the harddisk.

Thx. Ben

That’s a really interesting one that has not cropped before now, Ben.

Presumably your new hdd has been scanned? The drive is simply mounted to /mnt/USB, so if the files/folders structure is identical, then you would expect it to be indexed the same?? Not sure why it doesn’t as the actual playlist file only gives paths relative to /mnt/USB. Sorry, no answer. :frowning:

I guess it doesn’t recognize because the driver name is changed.
Can I not change the path of the playlists?

You can, but as far as I know only from the command line. Enable ssh via the /dev page and go to /data/playlist. There you can find your playlist files. These can be viewed and edited with nano.
I think that these point to an old location.

You could possibly resolve this by making a link between the old and new locations with ln. Google the ln command to see what switches (-s etc.) you would need.

Ah yes, USB indexing is slightly different from NAS thinking about it some more. With NAS, mpd only sees a path under a set name of your share. With USB, the actual drive name is included if I remember correctly.

Have a look in your ‘Music Library’ at the USB section, and see what the name is. If it is a simple name such as “MyHDD”, then you should be able to change it easily. If it is a uuid name eg. 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000, then it can still be changed, but there is more involvement to the process.

Either way you are going to have to do some Googling for the details (I think changing a simple name from the CLI uses ‘mlabel’ if it is fat32 formatted).