Change default network speed 1Gbps -> 100Mbps on Rivo

Hi gurus!

Where is it best to change speed on wired ethernet (ETH0?) using SSH and sudo? Tried to check debian wiki, but all tips was using sw tools that not are in the standard Rivo image…

  1. How to test/toggle ethernet network speeds, 1Gbps → 100Mbps, 100Mbps → 1Gbps
  2. How to make it permanent?

Cheers, Tom

As you may have guessed, the problem is that you have a minimum set of commands, normally I use the following string:
sudo ethtool -s [device_name] autoneg on speed 100 duplex full
or (to return to the previous condition):
sudo ethtool -s [device_name] autoneg on speed 1000 duplex full

Honestly I don’t think it’s the solution, we need a way to manually set the interface speed for those who use Raspberry Pi Zeros with certain adapters or hats. It would be better to update the Volumio web interface to make the operation easier.

In fact, it happens that when the hardware has only one USB port the operation becomes intermittent, for example with this accessory:
it is necessary to go down to 10Mbps, and there are two possible solutions, from the command line:
sudo ethtool -s [device_name] autoneg on speed 10 duplex full
or by inserting a powered network switch between the Raspberry Pi Zero and recent routers.

The same happens with other hats for sale online. I have done tests with other Linux distributions and lowering the speed is actually decisive not in your case, but in that of those who use the solutions I have already mentioned, with RPI 4B or 400 it is not necessary.

In case you are missing the command you can install it with:
sudo apt install ethtool
but I don’t own your product so I’m not sure if this information is correct.

In other cases you can change it in the file:
once the changes are complete, execute:
systemctl restart systemd-networkd

Perhaps the best thing is to wait for the advice of Darmur or others more capable than me.

@Darmur Do you have a tip here?

unfortunately not, changing setting via ssh is not recommended at all, it might break the system if not done properly

Ok, I see the risk… How to change it temporarily in the proper way then?

sorry but I really don’t know how to do that

@TBM it would also be interesting to know why you are considering this at all.

Just as a test. Some hifi people claim: better sound due to less digital noise into groundplane. 1Gbps is 10x faster than 100Mbps, thus 10x more noisy squarewave transitions in the digital stream if digital flanks have same risetime. Digital ground plane in streamer may effect the analog groundplane in DAC either via direct or parasitic coupling thus influencing sound. Thats the theory anyway.
I am very skeptical about this, but if it helps to reduce groundplane noise levels, I am interested in trying it out to check if I can hear this in my high resolution high end horn setup. Its free to test if it was possible, even if I am skeptical. Its cold outside with lots of snow, so why not give it a shot?

Smells like snake oil.
So nothing for us to look at, hope the developers and other contributers concentrate on more important issues.

Yes, agreed. If not possible as is, no reason to burn calories to implement this possibility. Was just a thought if it was easy to check out without any development. Cheers!