Certiticate check failed for audio stream

Two very prominent german radio stream fail to stream due to certificate problems:
It says:
server certificate verification failed

On my Linux-PC I see no such problems.
Any ideas?


Volumio Information

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Raspberry Pi3
DAC: none

The SSL certificates are in the hands of the stream site. You can check if there are problems with certificates by using a site such as https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html. Your streaming host has a certificate that failed yesterday.

You should also check the time on your device to make sure it is synced correctly.

Yes, in a browser on my PC I can play the stream if I ignore the warning about certificates.

You could try the URL with a http prefix instead of https the server software may still accept plain http requests, then you won’t be involving the certificate.

Thanks pwstereo.
I just edited the url for my station that was giving me this trouble and it is working. (edited to http rather than https)

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Well that’s quite a neat solution … didn’t think of that ;). Hopefully it won’t be necessary for long as sites sort out their certificates.

Btw sharberger, there is an option to mark a reply as the “solution” to your original post. This is helpful for anyone else later looking at the thread, because the “solution” apears right after your original problem. (I’ve done it for you, but you can undo it again if you’re not happy with that).

Thanks - I’m new around here and getting used to the workings