Central Missouri Checking In

Hello to everyone!

I finally joined the forums after using Volumio for several months on one RPi and absolutely enjoying it to pieces! I’m a tech nerd and audiophile from the center of Missouri that’s working on expanding my Volumio installation, and has already added a second unit. I’m getting ready to build a third, since I’m really liking what they can do and how well they can be integrated into the existing environment and my network infrastructure.

I have to tip my invisible hat to the dev, he’s done a remarkable job on everything and the integration is top notch all the way through. For the time being, I’d love to see it be able to at least sync playlists between the devices, since I know that there are some other things in the works that I’m eagerly awaiting. All in all, this is just an amazing piece of work, and something to be proud of. Whatever you do, keep up your development work…you’re a genius!

Thanks for your efforts, they are very much appreciated!

Welcome wa0zog, and really glad hat you’re having such a good experience :slight_smile: