CEC Enable on HDMI

Hi all
I have a Rasberry pi 4 and the latest version of Volumio
I have connected the hdmi output to my Sony Bravia tv, and have CEC enabled( cec works on my other tv hdmi ports).

Question is, how do I enable the CEC on my rasberry pi, so that when I switch on Volumio , the tv turns on and plays the selected song?
Many thanks

In the next release we will add CEC capability for Volumio :wink:


Great news, thanks
Do you have an approximate release date?

Awesome! Is that just for switching HDMI inputs, or can we actually control Volumio through HDMI-CEC? (Iā€™m looking for the latter for my HT project)

Edit: oops '22 in stead of '23. Sorry for digging this up.