CD Ripping

Sorry if this has been asked, I did a search and nothing came up.

I wish to rip to internal from my CD player, it works to play but when I rip it seems I need to manually add track names and artwork. Is this the case?

I run on a Mac mini.


Hi, are you using the official MyVolumio CD ripping or the nanosound one?
The official volumio one will automatically look online for tracks metadata.
if you need to add manually names of tracks, it means that Volumio could not find metadata online for this CD. If you try with some more CDs they will automatically be found.

Nano sound won’t work for me so I am using the official and all I get is a list of untitled tracks? Its a bluenose CD so would assume its out there. Does it name before it rips or after?

try another usb cable…