CD Ripping/Playback Question & NVME Support

Good Evening,

I was contemplating purchasing MyVolumio Virtuoso during the sale for a new “all in one” server/streamer fanless HTPC I have built. I have questions on whether it will fit my needs as follows:

  1. NVME support- My OS drive will be an internal M.2 NVME drive, and I also have a 1TB 2.5 SSD for music storage. Will Volumio by compatible with my NVME drive (or, if not, can it still be installed on that drive somehow?)

  2. Optical Drive Support - I notice Volumio site frequently mentions USB optical drive. I have a slot loaded internal optical DVD drive in my HTPC. Does Volumio support internal optical drives mounted through SATA?

  3. CD playing and ripping - I will be running the HTPC “headless.” As such, is there a way to control the CD ripping remotely?


  1. Yes, but only in the upcoming buster release. The current versions have an old kernel which does not support it.
  2. Yes, most older notebooks and desktops work that way
  3. Yes, the ripping process is fully integrated in the Web UI, in fact, there is nothing you can on your PC that you can’t do remotely in the Web UI.