CD Playback Issues/Feedback

Great job with the CD Play/Rip option with My Volumio - wish playback only comes with the free my volumio :wink:

few things that kind a bug me: (Volumio 2.599)

  1. Album art/ track info is not displaying on main playback window, it would just say Track 12 etc
    but it shows all the album info when you browse to the CD Play/Rip Option.

  2. Full CD Play button does not work on some CD’s like my “The Cream of Clapton” but i’ve notice the same on digital files as well, like my "Time Out - The Dave Brubeck Quartet from HDtracks "

somethings nice to have :

1 Ability to set the ROM Speed, as some ROMs can be noisy at playback as they try to run at full speed.
for now you can do this with command line with the basic eject -x 4 command setting the readspeed to 4x, wish this would have a UI option to set, and use high speed at time of ripping or set playback and rip independent configurations

  1. if a CD is in, get the CD on top of the brows list

3 Ability to select what tracks to rip.