CD drive support

I’d like to use Volumio with an external USB CD-drive an have purchased a “no name” drive. I have decided for this one, because I want a slot-in mechanism for my housing design.
The drive works without problems with my iMAC, however it seems to be incompatible with Volumio. Once connected to the Raspi, you can hear that it is doing “something” continuously as long as it is connected, but the CD-Icon does not appear in Volumio. It appeared shortly only one time but disappeared quickly. Not repruducible.

Do I need another drive or is there something else I could try?
Any recommendation for a slot-in drive that is compatible?

Many thanks!


Hi, Could it be that the power supply to the pi is insufficient to fuel the drive? I’ve had the same issue before: a brandless drive did not work, but an original Apple SuperDrive did (apparently power management of the SD is superior to that in other drives). I solved this by putting a powered USB hub between the pi and the drive, which gave it sufficient juice to work properly.

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Cd playback and extraction is provided in MyVolumio with a Virtuoso subscription. There is also a plugin from Nanomesher in the Volumio Plugins Collection .

Dear Martinvb, many thanks for your hint! I have purchased a used Apple SuperDrive and voila: it works perfectly!
You made my day :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Dear chsims1, thanks for your hint. Yes, I have the Virtuoso subscription but the problem was the CD-Drive which was not compatible. I was able to solve the issue with an Apple SuperDrive which works perfectly. Kind regards, Markus

Ever since upgrading to Volumio 3, my Apple USB Super drive no longer functions with Volumio running on a pi 3b+.

I confirmed my apple drive is still functional by testing it with my old Macbook Pro.