Cases for DACs

Hi guys,

considering buying a new DAC for my rev b pi - are there any recommended cases, for the cards such as the IQandIO board?


Hi Tony, we don’t have a case for the Pi-DAC yet and I’m not sure if anything out there can be hacked to fit.

We are considering a specific case but there is such a wide spectrum of user’s needs / wishes (cheap / hifi like / high end - wooden end caps) it’s making it a little difficult to proceed with one design.

What would you be looking for in a case? Just something to wrap it up and stop the whole thing grounding?


Hi G,

yep, would just be looking for a simple case, that allows access to all ports, and keeps the boards safe etc.


The Wolfson Audio Card has a case for it: … nAudioCard

It’s not supported by Volumio yet but will be very shortly apparently.

This one works with the PiDac if you add an M3 screw as spacer on each of the pillars… … UTF8&psc=1

A bit fiddly to put together but it works for me

Hope this helps



Nice solution Nic, thanks for pointing that one out. I’ll let others who have been asking know.


I just took delivery of one of these. Ordered from a guy on eBay though, as I found Farnell to be a bit too ‘trade-oriented’. They want you to have a company credit card, or a trade account, or order over £20, and they don’t seem to offer PayPal as a payment option.

Anyway the box arrived this morning. It didn’t have any instructions with it, so it took a bit of jiggling about to get the Pi and Wolfson audio card into it, but I got it done without too much trouble. It all fits snugly, and looks quite nice.

I left the included light-pipes out for now. Maybe I’ll have a go at fitting those at some later point. There are also 4 rubber feet included, that fit into holes on the bottom of the case.

So it’s all done, and everything still works! I’m pretty pleased with it :slight_smile: Nice solution.