[CarPC] nginx caching

I’m purchasing a new car and the stock stereo comes with an AuxIN. The head unit that I’ve been using in my old car for the past 7 years in my current car supports USB and AuxIN, so, my music ended up on the USB key, and my wife uses her iPod via the AuxIN. However, with the new car, I only have AuxIN and no USB. So my R-Pi to the rescue. I downloaded the distro for VolumIO and have it running well with my Logitech USB DAC. The old head unit won’t work with my steering wheel controls, so, it is either a new HU or I stick with the stock. For now, I’ll stick with the stock. :]

I’m a PHP developer, and always have coded under Apache. I’m not entirely satsified with how VolumIO presents itself when dealing with hundreds to thousands of songs on my USB key, and managing the playlists. I see that VolumIO is just a wrapper around mpd and mpc, and mpd is what is controlling the current playlist. No problem, I can work around managing multiple playlists at once, keep it separate from the mpd playlist, so I put on my dev cap and went to work.

That is, until I ran into nginx and some kind of caching issue.

Anything I’ve found on the net dealing with nginx and caching and editing of files states to turn off sendfile file in the configuration, which I’ve done. I’ve restarted the nginx with the new config but only my first change to the code sticks around. Any subsequent changes to the PHP file go unnoticed. CTRL-F5 in the browser does not kick up a new page. The only way I’m able to have my new changes reflected is with restarting the Pi, which I’m NOT about to do when I need to change a variable name. After restarting the RPi and just hitting F5 shows my new changes works. If I edit the file and re-save, my new changes are again not given to the browser.

I went as far as installing Apache2 on the Pi and tested the caching issue with it (Changed the Apache listening port to 8080) and my changes are reflected immediately, so there’s something I’m not familiar with something in nginx that is causing my issue. Anyone have any ideas?

[If I can’t get this resolved, then I’ll just use Apache2 as my playlist manager, so no HUGE deal]

sudo /etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart

I am having this issue also. I’d like to be able to write my own stuff to add into my music player, but I can’t code if I can’t see what it’s doing.

This little bit of code works, but why is the Pi not updating files automatically? Is there a setting needed for Volumio that turns on some sort of caching?