Cardboard-DAC III

Pi 4b - 7’’ Raspberry Display with case - Innomaker DAC - RemotePi Hat
CD + Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C Charger not attached yet

Still looking for a suitable housing… Cardboard prototype.
Future plans: once I have everything in shape, I will hot bend a plastic case.

Had to glue in a few more strips of cardboard for stabilization. These will then no longer be present in the plastic version. Clear plastic plates would be nice to be able to see all the technology behind it.

Realy nice setup
How did you obtain that picture, because that kind of layout I obtain only on phone web browser volumio not I’d 4.3 inch display. Do to need to rotate de image on 4.3 dsi display.

Just rotated display 270 degrees in Touch Display plugin.

Ok… So if you do not rotate it we will have the classic view…?
I have checked now and it looks very nice but I do jti understand why we do not have the same view when the screen is not rotating with 270 degrees because I would like to have this very big album art picture.

please show me your screen. I don’t get your problem.
Did you maximize cover-art in settings?

settings - sources - album-art-setting - web album art-size

Yes, this is what I have now.

If I rotate the screen with 270 degrees I see the picture on whole display but I do not want to rotate it…

Still don’t get it, sorry.

You want to rotate the DSi Screen?
But you did it! And now?

This has no effect on your cell phone screen…

if you look at your /boot/config.txt with an editor, you should find something like this

<-- Please insert display_rotate=1 or 2 or 3 here
hdmi_cvt 480 320 60 6 0 0 0

It can also be that “1” changes nothing. Then please try 2 or 3.

  1. I use the 4.3 Inch display like shown in my above picture. That is the layout if the rotate screen is 0. If I change the rotate screen to 270 then I see your screen.
  2. I would like to have your screen without rotating the display to 270 degrees. I would not want to change the position of the display. Is this possible!
  3. Conclusion. How do I increase the albumart picture to be available on all screen without rotating the screen to 270 degrees.


looks nice, will you release a cardboard dac pro version of it?
and the touch_display 1.22 plugin can rotate your screen and other things…

Thinking about building a diy arcylglass hot-bending machine and buy some acrylglass boards… if this continues with covid19 and lockdown like the last months you need tasks… at least one positive development related to corona - acrylic glass raw material is available everywhere …

currently I am still a bit fixed in the design because I use this back cover from the touchscreeen. depending on how well the acrylic material can be bent I might just screw the screen directly onto the acrylic.

I am still undecided which thickness to use. 3 or 4 millimeters… anyone experience with it?

it’s possible yes i worked with it with a pro bender at my work few years ago…
don’t let it get to hot… it will melt … 3 /4 mil is pretty thin… becarefull that gets hot eazy
i worked with a steal tread that can get pretty hot is a few sec.

…last time I used a hotair-blower…

the thickness of the material is really difficult to estimate. i don’t want it to be too bulky.

Just found this on E…y:

i think it will not burn with this… treads inside instead of bending on the tread

The narrowness of the bending radius in my design is probably the limiting problem with regard to thicker material.

I think this will work. Have a look

if you look good you will see that it got to hot… corner was melting lol the first bend …
he flips it over so you don’t see that lol

this is a better one he knows how it’s done very quick and the right timing…
you will have a learning curve with the machine so you need to practice
to long or to hot and it will melt fast the outside…

or if you wanna go DIY :

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Very nice examples. Thank you for your research. I actually always try to keep it as dilettantish as possible :wink: You should still be able to see the tinkering…