Car Project Help

Hi There,

I’ve been testing the use of volumio as an in car audio system. My existing car audio system has a 3.5mm aux so I’m planning to connect to this with the following parts.

Nano Router - Model No. TL-WR702N
usb stick with my music on it.
some form of connector the the power 12v power
Highberry DAC

I have just been testing this setup connected to an external battery via USB cables. Obviously this is not a long term solution, I notice that some people are using UPS such as these and then just connecting into 5v cigarette lighter adapter.

Other people seem to be using these

I’m alittle unclear as to which is the best solution? I’m after a simple and reliable solution, and it seems that most UPS’s will handle safe shutdown once the power is switched off in the car.

I was also considering using one of these … VDRRX0NK3B permanently wired into the car power.

The other option seems to be one of these … irect=true

I would really apreciate some help from someone who has a working system??

I was wondering if it’s possible to do away with the router this and connect to the raspberry pi over my phone??

Any guidance would be much appreciated