CAR Audio with Volumio

Hello folks :wink:
I 'm a new in Volumio usage. This OS is hosted in my Raspberry PI 4 model B. This HW & SW combination is very suitable for Audio Sound quality in Car. The possibilities are so many.
Please needed to speed up the boot! Not possible 90 seconds
So slowly via MicroSDxc, I would like, would suggest to develop a feature that permit to reduce the loading time until everything is ready to play. I have tried for more night reading on internet but no possibility to store Volumio on SSD M.2 Nvme storage where the speed would be higher than micro SD.
please take this opportunity
Kind regards

On Pi5 is only 40 sec.

Then, if 40 sec on Rasbperry PI 5, is it possibile to use the same audio card interface like Hifi Perry Digione or Allo or Ian Canada?

have a good day

Allo digione works on the rpi5, only cooling might be tricking you need to raise the pins or use a short flat cable.

if works digione then should work with ian canada also, I do hope. then is possible to download volumio as well, correct?

I think it will, but unable to confirm as I don’t have the hardware.