capacitance multiplier for cleaning the power for SBC & AMP


i bought two of the capacitance multiplier in the hope of powering my amp and SBC, here is my setup:
24v 10a smps => CM => amp board
5v 5a smps => CM => Raspberry Pi 2 => Kali reclocker => piano 2.0

in the capacitance multiplier allo mentioned that i can power the SBC from it (kali in my case) how is that possible when kali takes 5V and the CM can work from 6-30v.

i did initial test and i had power problems with raspberry pi that was only resolved after i disconnected the CM.

question 1: how can i power the rasp with kali and piano using a CM?

question 2: is there a limit of the ampere that CM can handle? my amp requires 200w which is about 8 ampere for a 24v feed.

This was asked somewhere else in the forum last week - you can’t.

It’s mainly aimed at providing clean power to the Volt amp (although I am using one to drive a miniDSP + another Class T amp).

Thanks! I find it strange that Allo would state such a clear statement on their website without hard evidence