Cantata Client does not connect (volumio.local:6600) no connection


I have a PecanPi, raspberry 3, with volumio inside. I can connect to it through webui, filezilla, ssh, but not through my normal mpd client Cantata (I use cantata for all my mpd devices).
This is not the first time this happens. I take the PecanPi with me sometimes, connect it to a different network, but when I plug it in again at home it doesn’t connect any more Cantata.

Anybody any ideas?

I also remarked that my playlist in Cantata and the webui are not the same, that is to say, that Cantata used to play a song, and the webui would indicate another song (which was not playing). It didn’t bother me, as I don’t use the webui, only Cantata, but it is maybe an indication of a wrong setting in volumio?

Any info is welcome, as I find this very annoying.


I switched to RuneAudio.

No problems anymore. Volumio looks nicer and is easy to set up, but it doesn’t work for me, and on the RuneAudio forum people answer if you have any problems.