can't start/access web UI

Hi all,

I’m new here, it’s my first test of Volumio, and… I think I missed somethink. So I need your help to start my first Volumio.

I use a Raspberry 2, a 8G SD Card, RPi is connected via Ethernet, I have a HDMI Screen.
for this moment I don’t have audio card, and no wifi plug.

I downloaded the Volumio version 2.041, I done a checksum, it’s ok. So I created my SD card and started the RPi on it.
I can see on the screen Volumio starting, the DHCP Server of my LAN affect it an IP, and I can access RPi via SSH with my linux PC. It’s seems it’s OK, but thats all, if I go to his IP with my browser there is no communication ‘The connection failed’.

I take a look at the SD card with my PC, I can see it have been expanded to 8G.

What did I miss ?
Thanks for your help

The first boot takes a while longer, have you been patient enough? Second, are you connecting to the player via Volumio.local? In that case you might try the IP of the PI as well.

Oh yes, it was that, it’s necessary to let the time for the boot.
Many thanks!