Can't Set S/PDIF Data Rate

I have a new installation of volumio 1.55 on a Pi 2 with a HiFiBerry Digi+. Music plays as expected, but my DAC shows that its input sampling rate is 32kHz. I’ve set the audio output format under playback->resampling to 16 bit 44.1 kHz, and this is correctly reflected in /etc/mpd.conf.

I’m new to audio on Linux. How do I confirm how the output is configured? What else should I check?

sure that it is not reporting 32bit instead of kHz? I get my best results so far when I turn re-sampling and software volume control off. That disables any involvements of any software components fiddling with the signal.

Look at some other threads for my suggestions on commands to use to help debugging and validate that things are as expected. Like this one :