Can't see my music library

Hi there,

I am a brand new user who just bought a Volumio Integro.

I set it up and put my music library onto a micro sd card, according to the manual. The music is listed within the sources section and I can search for artists - and play their music. But I can not see a list of all the music from the library. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help!

Please label your sd as “issd”


The sd card is labelled correctly “issd” and is recognized by the Integro. I can search for music that is then listed on the web site and I can play it.

I would think that all the music is listed in the library. But then again there does not seem to be a “library” section. In some windows there’s a little house symbol, but it only shows an empty page. And there’s a symbol on the bottom left with three lines and a musical note. But this also only shows an empty page.

I was looking for a manual for the software and GUI, but couldn’t find one. So I’m sorry to ask propably silly questions here.

Here you can find some more information

Thanks again!

I found the symbol that takes one to the library. A bit “hard” to find, I must say, but it is there :slight_smile:

Time to have a look around…