Can't play Spotify on my second Volumio player


I’m a recently new Volumio user. I installed Volumio 3 on one of my players (Raspberry Pi 3, HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro) named - “Volumio” and everything works fine. I can play Radio Paradise and I can play Spotify by selecting “play on Volumio” in Spotify, running on either my mobile phone, or my laptop. Everything works fine on this original player.

I’ve just installed Volumio on a second player (Raspberry Pi3, no hat) and named it “Volumio-USB” since I’m using the USB out to the external DAC in my Rega Saturn-R CD player/transport/DAC. I can play Radio Paradise on the new Volumio-USB. However, I cannot play Spotify. When running Spotify on my laptop, the volumio player named “Volumio-USB” does not show up as a choice of players. But the original volumio player named “Volumio” does show up and I can select it an play Spotify on the original player.

I’ve tried turning off the original player named “Volumio” and the player named “Volumio-USB” still does not show up on the list of available devices on Spotify. I also tried turning off the original player and renaming the new player “Volumio”, same as the original player. Even when it is named the same as the original player was, it is not visible as an available device to Spotify.

Any ideas how to get both of my players - “Volumio” and “Volumio-USB” visible and selectable as a player in Spotify?

Thanks for any recommendations…

Forgot to install the Spotify 2 plugin on the 2nd device? And maybe reboot?

I think you mean Volumio Spotify Connect2 plugin?

Thanks! Indeed, I had not installed Spotify Connect2 on the new device. I really appreciate your responses.