can't play some Albums

Hi, I am enjoying Volumio 2.246 on RPi2. All my “Libraries” are made by iTunes ALAC.
My system can play 90% of Albums , but when I brows some Albums, and try to initiate to play, it doesn’t work.
Songs under those Albums can be played. If I look at Tags of those Album, “artist” and “album artists” seems to have different names.
When I change “artist” and “album artists” to the same one thru Album, I can play as Album.

Is there any way to play “Album” which has various “artist” and “album artists”?
I want to play “Album” just track number order, like CD.

Is this known problem or just my problem?

Yes, I am experiencing the same problem and also only in albums where Artist and AlbumArtist differ.

Can you please open a github issue for this?