Cant load from SD card

Hello, I’m having real trouble installing Volumio onto my Raspberry Pi version b, I’ll start by saying I’m new to raspberry but I’ve used Raspbmc on it and I want a better sound. Ive tried copying a new image on my SD card but it still wont install! The pi isnt connected to the internet by an ethernet router when I install because I have a wifi dongle that connects to my mifi. I was hoping to set that up when Volumio is up and running. I would appreciate any help as I am totally new to linux!!
Cheers Toby

Hi Toby,
let’s make some order:
1- can you successfuly install on SD using the procedure on getting started?
Once you’ve finished, you need to first connect a ethernet cable to the pi, then you can configure wi-fi and use volumio wirelessly…

Or I can help you set up the wireless connection, but you’ll need a keyboard and a monitor hooked up to the pi

Hi Michelangelo,

Thanks for your reply, I can download the image to the SD card, when I turn the RPI on it seems to install ( white text on black background running on screen ) , it shows that the ethernet is not connected. If you could tell me what to type in to help me get it installed and configured for my WiFi dongle that would be great. I can’t wait to try this out!
Cheers Toby