Can't get Tidal to work on v3

I checked the V3 issues and I see a similar problem to mine:
“I’ve upgraded my Volumio installation to V 3.173 after a few issues with connecting it to my network and everything seems to work now apart from the fact that my device does not show up in the My Volumio section, which means I can’t add Tidal as a source.
I have upgraded to a Volumio Premium membership, which is displayed as it should. I’ve accessed my device locally via my IP so usually after a few seconds it should show up?
For network settings, I’m using a wireless network with a static IP set (as automatic IP did not work).
It’s a Rasperry 3 with the Hifiberry DAC +.”

This is my issue as well, but I am on a Raspberry 4 with a Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC. Internet radio streaming seems to work fine, so all the hardware seems to be OK, yet I can’t connect Tidal to it. Thats the whole reason I paid for a Premium account for Volumio, if this isn’t going to work, I need to cancel and try something else.

First, update to last current version v3.251.
If you still have problems with Tidal connect, qs a premium subscriber, you have a volumio tech support. Contact them