Can't get playback for Schiit Modi...

Have been using Volumio with a HiFiBerry+ for a while now. Wanted to switch to the Modi for some testing and I can’t get playback. I have removed the card, disabled the drivers for it and the Modi still does not show up on my list of output devices. I even tried ALSA and still no dice. Am I missing something? How is this thing supposed to be configured?


It shows up now as “DAC” on my playback but all I hear is nothing but loud crackling. I tested the Modi on my Windows laptop and it works just fine. Any ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas?

I eventually found the answer in this thread: completely-distorted-sound-volumio-model-t2782.html

The key was to add the following to my /boot/cmdline.txt


Rebooted and playback worked. I tested both compressed (AAC) and uncompressed (FLAC) files.

Thank you.