Can't find USB flash Device and ramplay file

My USB Flash device could be use on Raspyfi, but in Volumio it can’t be found.
I’ve transfer some files to /run/shm for ramplay by Filezilla, and it can’t be find after I reboot Pi.
Files looks still there, but can’t see in MPD.

Other question, which port should I open for WEBGUI?
My pc not in same internet.

The port of the webui is the standard 80… If you’re not on the same net you should configure NAT accordingly…
So, let’s make a little bit of order:
Ramplay sits on RAM, so if you reboot the PI the files you put into RAM will be… gone :smiley:
To read from RAM, just upload your files, then start a Database update from menu -> library

As for USB, first connect your USB drive, then turn on the PI and do the same update procedure as above. Let me know!

Thanks for your reply and explain!
USB still not work, I’ll try other device.
I’ve mount NAS to Volumio, it sounds great at first.
But when song played pass half, it become glitch really hard to listen.
Should I change something?
I’m using WI-FI.