Can't find the music on flash disk

I have the latest volumio on a RP 3B+, booting from a microsd card. When I plugged in a flash disk with music (flac), it prompted:

Device /dev/sda1 is already mounted as "/media/POP"

In volumio I could’t find anything in Music Library, and Updating in Sources returned nothing.

Btw I can connect to the web interface from a computer or cellphone app, but I can’t enable ssh by clicking the ENABLE button under SSH at volumio_ip/dev. SSH command returned No route to host, and it didn’t respond to ping.

So what’s the correct way to play music on a flash disk?

With a fresh install, a USB drive should work automatically with Volumio.

Odd that ssh won’t enable, but that might be a separate issue.

How is your drive organised? Can you give an example of the directory structure and flac filenames.

Things I’d try.
Use a spare USB stick with a handful of music files and nothing else on it, and see it that’s recognized.

Reflash the SD and try the drive again without making any other changes to Volumio.

It was not a fresh install, but updated from an early version.

The flash drive had quite a few .flac files in several folders. I removed all them and placed 2 files: 1.flac and 2.flac in it. The system saw nothing.

So I downloaded the 3.449 image and rewrote the SD card with SSID and password set up. Now it boots into command line. After input login and password it stays in command line and no GUI shows up. Wrote the image twice with the same result. And the device isn’t connected to WiFi.

Seems your problems are more than the USB drive. Perhaps a failing SD card? Did you use Raspberry Pi Imager to flash, as recommended in the installation guide? How to install Volumio on RPI/Tinkerboard/PC?

Yes, I used Raspberry Pi Imager, and that’s where I configured WiFi/ssh/ etc.

Don’t configure anything with raspberry imager, only burn the downloaded image with Raspberry imager. Next boot your rPi from the SD and configure everything within the Volumio GUI.