Cant figure out how to get snapclient to work

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last 3 days and I’ve given up.

I have 2 different Raspberry Pis 3+ and using the onboard 3.5mm jack for audio out.

I installed volumio on the ‘server’ and got it setup with snapserver and snapclient. I can hear audio out of the headphone jack on the server when Im playing Spotify (got that on it too), or webradio.

Then I installed volumio on the ‘client’ and proceeded to setup snapserver on it, but only enabled the snapclient. I selected the host to be the server and pushed the audio through the headphone jack as well.

I can get local radio (using the local webradio on this rpi) to work on it, but I cant get any audio out the headphone jack when I play from the ‘server’. Isn’t it supposed to automatically play on the client when I play something on the server?

Please help, Im new at all this so I dont know which logs or configs to show. I’ll do my best to show it when asked. Thank you.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.873
Hardware: raspberry pi 3+
DAC: onboard headphone jack

Have you taken a look at the Snapcast plugin?

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Yup, as I mentioned in the original post, I got snapserver installed and did my best to follow the guide.

I know the snapclient works on the ‘client’ pi because when I do the command to send a random noise to the snapfifo directory from the server

cat /dev/urandom > tmp/snapfifo

I get the white noise sound on the client

Just to be clear, you didn’t say you had installed it via the plugin, rather than a self-install of the badaix Github package. These details matter. I think you will need to wait for the plugin author @Saiyato to respond.

@chsims1 what i heared from him was that he will grab a diffrent version for the 3.xx

It should yes, in fact, 3.x has Buster, so it will install the latest version of 

SnapCast instead of 0.20.0.

Cheers, Saiyato

this is from my pm with him… i hope he doesn’t mind that i post it…
so we got the anwser to it.

@chsims1 sorry, yes I installed the actual package for volumio from Saiyato, specifically the one labeled " volumio-snapcast-plugin". Should I try installing it direct from Snapcast?

ok I dont know what I did, i think I restarted the mpd service and I got it working… so I finally have webradio going to the client which is great, but I have one final thing with Spotify.

I installed the Spotify Connect2 plugin from the Balbuze Github on the ‘server’ and I can get music playing there on the server when I play on the web player and then select to play on server, but I cant get it to then stream to the ‘client’.

Any ideas?

These are the two errors I get on the snapclient:

Apr 09 21:57:19 office-music snapclient[4930]: Exception in Controller::worker(): connect: Connection refused
Apr 09 21:57:19 office-music snapclient[4930]: Error in socket shutdown: Transport endpoint is not connected

google, here I come.

cant figure it out, head starting to hurt. spent so much time on this…


Can you provide some information on the order in which you’ve done things?
The plugin will ‘patch’ the Spotify implementation, so it’s imperative you install Spotify before you install the SnapCast plugin OR re-patch the Spotify plugin files.

The most failsafe order is:

  1. Install Volumio
  2. Install Spotify plugin (regardless which one)
  3. Install the SnapCast plugin
  4. Reboot (just to be sure)

Otherwise you can:

  1. Install what you want, in the order you wish
  2. Pick ‘patch file’ in the ‘Patch Spotify Configuration Templates’ section
  3. Reboot (or restart the Spotify plugin, that should be enough)


Why is the answer always something like a missed checkbox?..

Install what you want, in the order you wish
Pick ‘patch file’ in the ‘Patch Spotify Configuration Templates’ section
Reboot (or restart the Spotify plugin, that should be enough)

that did it. Thank you so much for your help