Can't do system update

I am running Volumio 3.512. I have tried to do system update to the latest version using the app (I manually check for updates, auto updates is turned off). When I try this recently the app goes to ‘checking for updates’ pages and just locks up with ‘please wait’ message.
Any ideas please?
Thanks, Richard

Please check if all network connections are working.
Run below command from a ssh session and paste the response here:
volumio endpointstest

and post a complete log.

Thanks for the reply

I have put in a support ticket to the Volumio Help Centre - I think that this included a complete log. I will wait until after 3rd Jan for a response.

I also copied the endpointstest as you suggested, this all seems to look ok?

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Welcome to Volumio for Raspberry Pi (5.10.92-v7+ armv7l)

Last login: Sun Dec 31 16:40:30 2023 from

volumio@allo-streamer:~$ volumio endpointstest

TESTING REMOTE ENDPOINTS, 582 ms: OK, 462 ms: OK, 384 ms: OK, 488 ms: OK, 377 ms: OK, 329 ms: OK, 505 ms: OK, 3608 ms: OK, 507 ms: OK, 369 ms: OK, 3701 ms: OK, 641 ms: OK, 445 ms: OK

REMOTE ENDPOINTS TEST OK, all Endpoints are reachable

Did you try rebooting and maybe connecting via an ethernet cable?