Can't connect to my Wifi / *Found out driver needs install, but from where?

Well I got my Mausberry Circuit car switch and I am trying to get everything hooked up, but I can’t connect to my Wifi. It was able to show the network name, but when I put in the password it seemed like nothing happened. It does connect with ethernet, but not Wifi. I know it all works because I had everything working before. However the only difference is the internet guy did swap my router out a few weeks ago, but he cloned all information into the new router. I’m not sure how to get it to connect.

*Update- I re flashed my SD card to the new version of Volumio. I get a specific error trying to turn wifi on in the settings " systemctl restart " command failed. See “systemctl status wireless.service”. I typed in the suggested command and it tells me basically wifi service failed to start. What’s going on? it was working before.

*Update#2 Ok so through command line I noticed the drivers aren’t installed. Unfortunately everywhere on Github all the download links are password or “token” protected. How am I supposed to download the correct drivers? This seems very stupid.